Saves water and money

Users can make informed decisions based on data collected by smart sensors

Convenient and easy to use

A streamlined dashboard helps users view information about the weather, water usage, scheduled runs, and other important parameters

About us

Croprigate come with a number of important features that are necessary to facilitate smart irrigation. Individual software products come with different features depending on the vendor.

Croprigate allows farmers, homeowners, and other people who are involved in irrigation activities to optimize water usage. The IOT device is able to regulate water levels depending on various factors such as weather predictions and soil moisture levels. This is possible because smart irrigation software programs communicate with irrigation controls and let the system know when the landscape or farm needs more water.Automated and customizable schedules make it possible to irrigate throughout the lifecycle of a crop from the planting to the harvesting season.The system knows when to start or stop irrigating because of its specially designed sensors. The sensors play an important role in gathering useful data about the weather, temperature, soils moisture levels, humidity, and other factors. The software uses this data to determine whether to irrigate or reschedule irrigation. Additionally, the software collects data about other factors such as soil condition, plant water usage, wind conditions, and evaporation.

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